Donors-Your involvement - Your Benefit

    1. Active,fit,happy &smiling elders
    2. Thank you letter and surprise gift
    3. Annual Thank you party with banners displaying your name
    4. Dinner with your adopted Nana-Nani or Dada Dadi.
    5. Opportunity to be involved in projects as Patron and Gharonda Mitra.
    6. Events to develop bonding with Gharonda
    7. Community will participate with kind contributions to help boost the health and fitness, and well being of Senior Citizens, as well as providing volunteers
    8. All donor names will be displayed (randomly and upon your agreement) in the Lobby on a Marble tablet.
    9. Opportunity to attend International Conference and attend Webnairs organised by ICAA
    10. Opportunity to be a contributor as a writer, editor or publisher of the proposed newsletter

    Donations eligible for Income tax exemption under 80G

    • Please donate for promoting Active aging, wellness health and advocacy for the rights and better facilities for Senior Citizens Volnenteer.
    • Join us to teach ,care for Senior Citizens and spread the word in nooks and corners of MAHARASHTRA to spread computer Litercy in Senior Citizens.
    • Motivate people to care for their elders.
    • Provide medical check up and audlt immunization.
    • GHARONDA is RCT engaed in elder care and welfare of Senior Citizens
    • Propose activity Online news letter ,day care center ,meditation center,informal education center


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    “Happy to join Gharonda”


    “Feeling Grate by joing Gharonda Group”

    .Naresh Deo.

    “Very good”


    “good to join ”